"Enabling all children with autism to receive high quality services"



We have experience of presenting at national conferences, teaching on university accredited courses and in developing and delivering the Autism Education Trust (AET) training materials.

In addition to this tailor made in-service events have been organised for multi-agency groups, SENCOs, educational psychologists, CAMHS teams, local authorities and both mainstream and special schools.

Courses cover a range of areas in connection with autism including

- Early Identification and intervention in autism

- Understanding and supporting children with an ASD-issues for good practice

- Towards an understanding of Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome-clinical and research developments

- Educational provision and support needs of children with PDA

- Supporting Emotional well-being in children with ASD

- Intensive Interaction

- Assessment for learners on the autism spectrum

Autism Education Trust (AET) training

Autism Associates have close links with the East Midlands AET hub and Ruth and Suzanne are involved in the delivery of AET training in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. For information on courses see below or contact AOS@leics.gov.uk

AET Training

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Flyer

PDA Training

A one day course for education professionals Collaborative Approaches to Learning for pupils with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

PDA Flyer

Some comments from people attending events

‘Thank you so much for the very successful day we shared with you last Friday. The feedback from staff has been amazingly positive and already people are exploring ways we can adapt what we do.’


'A superb day…it will help us think of useful strategies and will have implications for class groups.'

Deputy, ASD specific school

'I cannot thank you enough! …I was engaged the whole time'


'I really can't say a big enough thank you for your work yesterday at the Conference. Your presentations in the morning were extremely clear and informative and the workshops were very productive, leaving some very clear themes around next steps.'

Local Authority Officer