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Current Projects

AET Progression Framework 2.0

Autism Associates have recently completed revisions to the Autism Education Trust (AET) Progression Framework which was commissioned by the AET with funding from the DfE.

The work was based on an evaluation of the original Progression Framework which sought feedback from existing users in schools and services across the country.

A new suite of Progression Framework materials are now available from the AET website.

2018-19 AET Progression Framework project.

The AET have commissioned Autism Associates to review, revise and upgrade the existing Progression Framework based on feedback from existing users in schools and services across the country. A new version of the Progression Framework with increased functionality and accompanying tools and guidance will be available in Spring 2019 from the AET website.

Autism Education Trust (AET) Schools Autism Progression Framework

In 2015 Autism Associates were commissioned by the Autism Education Trust (funded by the DfE) to carry out a research and development project into the tracking of progress for pupils on the autism spectrum.

The resulting Progression Framework was based on a thorough consultation with schools, parents, pupils and adults on the autism spectrum and an extensive Literature Review. A Training Module was also developed to be delivered by existing AET training hubs. The Progression Framework is an interactive tool aimed at practitioners working with learners on the autism spectrum in a range of educational phases and settings. The Progression Framework and accompanying Notes and Guidance are available as a FREE download in the form of an EXCEL document from the AET website.

Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome

Phil and Ruth are closely involved in developments in research and practice in better understanding the needs of children and young people with Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome. Collaboration continues to take place with research led by the Institute of Psychiatry.

Following on from earlier publications with Jessica Kingsley a further book on educational approaches for children with this profile is being worked on as well as the development of new training materials aimed at teachers and other staff.